Hippie Chips by Rock 'N Roll Gourmet

Hippie Chips by Rock 'N Roll Gourmet

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Hippie Chips by Rock 'N Roll Gourmet


This is a product found at the Winter Fancy Food Show sponsored by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, Inc. Look for more new products uncovered by The Food Channel!

The brightly colored booth and unique name drew our attention to Hippie Chips. But it was Dan and Jean Erlich, founders, who kept us there. They’ve joined up with Patron, for one thing. For another, they are former musicians willing to sing for their chips.

According to Jean, they started the company because, “We wanted to eat healthy on the road. There’s nothing nutritious for snacking. So, we made something that is tasty, good, gluten free, low in fat.” Check out more about why these chips are super groovy.

Here is the link to Episode IV, which includes Bacon Salt, Hippie Chips and The Republic of Tea. Just click on the names to see the full story from each!. Check out our previous episodes as well!

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Hippie Chips are not available in the Food Channel Marketplace. Look for the product in your area or contact them directly for more information about online sales.


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