I Want It with Pepperoni, Onions and a Lakers Logo

I Want It with Pepperoni, Onions and a Lakers Logo

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I Want It with Pepperoni, Onions and a Lakers Logo


By Cari Martens

NBA basketball fans are really eating up the action these days as the playoffs inch closer to The Finals. Many are predicting a Finals matchup between two classic teams that have met there many times before, the Boston Celtics and the L.A. Lakers. But the Phoenix Suns and Orlando Magic are hanging tough.

Photo: USAToday

Some NBA diehards might be fanatical enough eat up the idea of chowing down on a pizza emblazoned with their faborite team’s logo. At least that’s the idea behind the edible logos licensed by the league that are being sold to independent pizzerias across the U.S.

The logos, made of sugar, starch, and food coloring will add around $5 to the cost of the pizza, according to a story by Bruce Horovitz in USAToday. The paper-thin logos come in 12-pack resealable pouches. The logo image is placed on top of the pizza after it’s been baked and sliced, and then it melts into the cheese. Mmmm.

“A lot of people watching NBA games on TV tend to eat,” said the NBA’s head of global merchandising, very astutely.

Retail sales of licensed sports merchandise fell 17% last year in the U.S. and Canada, estimates Ira Mayer, publisher of The Licensing Letter. So sports leagues are looking for every opportunity they can find. Including things with melting, stringy mozzarella cheese.

I think I’ll order myself a Celtics pie with black olives and green peppers. Now, wouldn’t that go real nice with their leprechaun logo?

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