Ice Cream Sandwich Giving the Cone Some Competition

Ice Cream Sandwich Giving the Cone Some Competition

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Ice Cream Sandwich Giving the Cone Some Competition


By Cari Martens

In the world of ice cream, the cone will perhaps always be king. But these days, the venerable ice cream sandwich appears to be the trendier choice.

The creamy frozen sandwich has always been big in the Big Apple. New York magazine called the ice cream sandwich ‘the quintessential New York ice cream delivery system…invented on our own gritty streets sometime around the 1890s.’ The magazine conducts periodic tastings around the city and publishes a list of its choices for top ice cream sandwiches in NYC.

In the grocery arena, Carvel recently introduced ‘Lil’ Rounders,’ made with vanilla soft serve ice cream sandwiched between two Oreo wafers.

Here Comes the Ice Cream Man Gals

In Southern California, the ice cream sandwich has gained a new following thanks to Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches, a mobile truck modeled after LA’s roving Kogi BBQ trucks.

Coolhaus is the brainchild of two twenty-something women, Natasha Case and Freya Estreller, who cruise around town in a pink, chrome-rimmed truck that was once a postal jeep. The CoolHaus treat is an architecturally-inspired ice cream sandwich made with homemade ice cream—featuring local and organic ingredients when possible—scooped between two cookies.

Flavors include Mintimalism (chocolate cookie with mint chip ice cream), Richard Meyer Lemon Ginger (ginger cookie with lemon ice cream), and Oatmeal Cinnamoneo (oatmeal cookie and cinnamon ice cream). The architecture connection? ‘Just a love of food and architecture and why not?,’ Freya told

Each sandwich is made to order and flavors can be mixed and matched. The girls also create special flavors for some local events.

Like the Kogi trucks before them, Natasha and Freya use Twitter to tweet their locations to their growing number of followers. The sandwiches cost around $3.00 to $3.50 each and, incidentally, the wrapper is also edible (made out of rice paper).

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