Introducing Wendy Hall, Guest Blogger

Introducing Wendy Hall, Guest Blogger

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Introducing Wendy Hall, Guest Blogger


Wendy Hall

Among the wide variety of interests of Food Channel guest blogger Wendy Hall are writing about food (duh) and cold case crimes. She lists her official occupation as ‘banging head against wall.’

Originally from England and sporting a lovely British accent and sense of humor, Wendy will be providing occasional reviews for us from restaurants in the Los Angeles area.

Here’s an excerpt from Wendy’s review of Yamashiro, located in Hollywood.

If you are one of the 6 regular readers of this blog, you will know that my friend and colleague Kimberly is very often dragged along a willing participant in my culinary adventures, and on this occasion, she really stepped up to the plate (pun intended). She invited me to see a mutual friend sing in the Hollywood Master Chorale and suggested an early dinner somewhere first. “YAMASHIRO” I yelled into the phone, and to Kimberly’s credit (and after her perforated tympanic membrane bounced back into place), she agreed.

Photo: Wendy Hall

We arrived at 5 p.m. just as the restaurant was opening. Arriving so early it was pleasantly quiet as we were lead through the restaurant to our table. And what a table! Window seats thank you VERY much. We drooled over our menus, looking up only occasionally to watch an extremely industrious hummingbird who was happy to put on a show for us.

We began our meal with the classic Miso Soup. One thing I immediately noticed about this soup was how low in salt content it tasted, and it was delicious. It just goes to show you how much salt is added to these dishes in other establishments (ahem). The soup is laden with enoki mushrooms, tofu and scallions and is great value for money at $6.

Kimberly ordered the pan-roasted chicken breast. I tried a little of the chicken and it was deliciously moist. The dish is served with Chinese long beans, fried brown rice and teriyaki sauce ($19).

Photo: Wendy Hall

Oh bliss! I ordered the sweet and spicy shrimp, and although I STILL cannot use chopsticks, I added them to the plate for photographic effect. The shrimp was large and perfectly cooked, servedwith bok choy, snow peas, baby corn, bell peppers, scallions and steamed rice ($24). I could not finish the dish (thanks in part to a tummy-filling Miller Lite cocktail). It made for a delicious lunch the next day however, so it was two meals for the price of one.’

I heartily recommend Yamashiro Restaurant. I must admit I could not afford to eat here all the time, but this would be an excellent spot for a “special” dinner. Our waiter had exactly the right balance of being there when we needed him and leaving us alone during mid-conversation.

*Value for money: Excellent
Service: Excellent
Two thumbs up. In fact, if I had more than two thumbs, I would be waggling them all in the air right now!*

To read the complete review and view more of Wendy’s excellent photos, click here.


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