It's National Chocolate Day

It's National Chocolate Day

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It's National Chocolate Day


You may have noticed a chocolaty-brown tint to The Food Channel today. We’re celebrating National Chocolate Day, October 28, by dipping our home page in the world’s favorite sweet food substance.

We’ve gone cuckoo for cocoa stuff.

In the business, it’s called a site abduction. Ah, to be abducted by chocolate. Where’s the crime in that?

In recognition of this special day, we’ve brought back some of our favorite chocolate stories and recipes from The Food Channel archives, and we invite you to join our celebration by learning something new today about chocolate…be it dark, white or milk chocolate varieties.

And by all means, try one or more of the recipes we’re showcasing today. Toast the “holiday” with a White Chocolate Martini, indulge in a Chocolate Shell Shock Ice Cream Sundae, or try your hand at making Green Tea Dark Chocolate Truffles.

You needn’t limit yourself to what you see on the home page, of course—just search the word “chocolate” and you’ll find tons more stories and recipes.

Then maybe you’ll be in the mood to rent a copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Happy National Chocolate Day, everyone. It’s a time when we can all be proud to be chocoholics! At least for a day.


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