Little Lettuce Heads for Small Households

Little Lettuce Heads for Small Households

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Little Lettuce Heads for Small Households


By Cari Martens

British retail giant Marks & Spencer now offers a cute little mini head of iceberg lettuce that’s about one fourth the size of a standard head. It’s a full-grown version of the popular lettuce variety, designed especially for one- or two-person households.

According to Daniel Jones, writing for News of the World, the mini heads were developed by M&S after complaints from people who were tired of having to throw away the leftover greens they were unable to consume in time.

While shoppers will reduce waste, they won’t save that much coin. The minis cost only about 10 – 12 percent less than the bigger ones. Quoted by Jones, M&S salad buyer Simon Coupe said: ‘This is as much about cutting down on food waste as saving money. The iceberg’s been a favorite for 30 years and this baby version has all the same sweetness, crispiness and crunch – ideal for one-person households.”

The mini lettuce heads are not genetically modified. Rather, growers simply bred smaller and smaller plants with each other.

As the number of divorces continues to climb or at least hold steady, and as people live longer, we expect to see more of these smaller, single-serve products to meet the demand.

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