Miller Donates Super Commercials to Little Guys

Miller Donates Super Commercials to Little Guys

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Miller Donates Super Commercials to Little Guys


By Cari Martens

Last year the brain trust behind Miller High Life Beer created lots of buzz with its one-second TV spots in the Super Bowl. This Sunday the Milwaukee-based brewer will be following up that trailblazing move with another head turner.

Instead of running commercials with ‘talkin’ babies or dancin’ monkeys,’ as the Miller High Life delivery guy puts it, the beer maker will turn over their TV time to four small businesses that will get a rare opportunity to send their message to millions.

In case you’re wondering, the asking price for a 30-second spot in the Super Bowl is slightly north of $3 million.

The lucky small businesses are—
⋅ Bob Turner’s Bizarre Guitar & Drum, Phoenix, Ariz.
⋅ Loretta Harrison’s Authentic Pralines, New Orleans, La.
⋅ Dan Englebrecht’s Del’s Barber Shop, Escondido, Calif.
⋅ Tim Herron’s Baseball Card Shop, Chicago, Ill.

Miller is calling the effort ‘Little Guys on the Big Game.’ The brewer says instead of ‘Fat-Cat-Wall Street-Muckity-Mucks’ getting more help, it’s decided to help ‘some small businesses who could really use it.’

You can find video interviews with the four business owners at the Miller website

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