Miracle Whip Pays for Place in Lady Gaga Video

Miracle Whip Pays for Place in Lady Gaga Video

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Miracle Whip Pays for Place in Lady Gaga Video


By Cari Martens

In the world of product placement, the pairing of Lady Gaga and Miracle Whip has to be one of the stranger ones.

The pop singer’s latest video for ‘Telephone,’ which also features Beyonce, a bit of nudity (duh, it’s Lady Gaga), and girl-on-girl kissing, has people talking. But what’s perhaps captured the most attention is the video’s product placement of brands such as Diet Coke, Wonder Bread and Miracle Whip.

According to Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter, not all the products featured paid to be part of the musical drama. Several were Lady Gaga’s ideas and no money changed hands. For example, a scene in which the singer curls her hair with Diet Coke cans was a nod to Gaga’s mom who used this method to curl her locks. It was a free plug for the soft drink. Whether the brand desired this exposure is unknown.

Miracle Whip, on the other hand, paid for the privilege of having Lady G slather its mayo-like spread onto a slice of Wonder Bread in another scene from the video. A Miracle Whip spokeswoman confirmed the paid appearance to trade magazine Advertising Age, but didn’t comment further.
The placement is an apparent extension of the brand’s marketing outreach to the Gen-Y demographic, and part of its new ‘We will not tone down’ campaign.

Sources say the ad budget for Miracle Whip has ballooned from $47,000 last year to $15 Million in 2010. Apparently it’s sizable enough to squeeze out the dough needed to get into a video starring two of the hottest pop music stars of the day. Lady Gaga, it should be noted, recently became the first artist in history to have her videos viewed one billion times.

Let’s all sing along now: Mum-mum-mum-mum Miracle Whip.

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