Most Popular Restaurant Tweeters

Most Popular Restaurant Tweeters

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Most Popular Restaurant Tweeters


It’s an interesting question, when you think about it. Of all the restaurant sites, who would you think would have the most followers?

Peter Romeo has come up with the answer.

Romeo, who, according to his bio “has covered the restaurant business since 1981 in high-level editorial positions for a variety of magazines, newspapers and websites,” probably has as many restaurant industry contacts as anyone—and was certainly an early adopter of Twitter. He put his list together by checking the Twitter streams from “restaurant chains, operators, chefs, consultants and industry-specific media.”

Check his blog, and the answer to that all important question—who has the most followers—by clicking here.

@FoodChannel, by the way, is number 43 on the list, right after the popular Streetza Pizza truck (see our story about the Food Truck Revolution).

How about a race with that truck?? To add to our numbers, just follow us on Twitter!


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Joplin, Missouri is known for a few things, including a few notable restaurants. Historically, it is probably best known as the place (…)

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