'My...Name...is Robotto, and...I'll Be...Your...Server Today'

'My...Name...is Robotto, and...I'll Be...Your...Server Today'

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'My...Name...is Robotto, and...I'll Be...Your...Server Today'


By Cari Martens

What kind of tip do you leave for a robot waiter? None. And that’s the beauty of the Robo Café, a project in development from Korea’s ITM Technology. The downside: elimination of the human touch, and more unemployed servers.

The small robot would take orders and deliver the food and drinks to its human customers presumably with no snobby attitude (although we suppose that could be programmed in).

The robot ITM is working on would enable customers to order verbally or via a touchscreen located in its gut.

Hmmm. I wonder if this could actually work. In every movie with robots that I’ve ever seen, something always goes terribly, terribly wrong.

Let us know if any of these little guys show up in your local diners out there.

We found the Robo Waiter on GizmoWatch.

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