Newsweek's Perspective on the Gulf Coast

Newsweek's Perspective on the Gulf Coast

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Newsweek's Perspective on the Gulf Coast



Could it be the tide is turning?

After months of media reports that the Gulf Coast is full of oil, and that the oysters are falling off the menu, and prices are rising, now Newsweek has come out with a story that puts it into perspective.

The story, entitled Catch of the Day, reminds the public that much of the U.S. supply of shrimp, in particular, is imported . . . and that imports may well be “raised in ponds so overcrowded, they also serve as breeding grounds for salmonella, bacteria, and parasites.”

The article, by Julia Reed, goes on say that it is “ironic that Americans are now squeamish about the catch in the gulf.”

Check it out and see what Reed says about the current testing methods that are ensuring food safety and abundance. While you are there, you can set your mouth watering with her descriptions of seafood served during an event sponsored by the New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Which reminds us that New Orleans is currently running its COOLinary promotion through September 30. The promotion features three-course menus priced at $20 or less for lunch and $34 or less for dinner.

Meet you there!

The Food Channel is bringing you recaps of some of the best stories from around the Web that will help us all learn more about the true situation in the Gulf. Stay with us as the story unfolds and let’s see what the future of food may look like in the wake of crisis.


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