Open That Bottle with a Lime

Open That Bottle with a Lime

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Open That Bottle with a Lime


By Cari Martens

OK, you’ve got your chips and salsa, your quesadillas and tacos are hot and ready to eat (watch out—plates are hot!) and your Mexican beers are all nicely chilled for your Cinco de Mayo party.

Everything’s ready except for one thing. You can’t find your bottle opener. Most imported beers—Mexican beers included—still prefer to cap bottles the old fashioned way. No twist offs allowed. So you need that opener.

Well if you want a really cool bottle opener for your Corona, you can use a lime. Well, not just any lime. We’re talking about the new Corona Extra Lime Bottle Opener. We received one in the mail today, and everyone here agreed it’s a nifty way to open a bottle.

This thing looks and feels like a real lime on one side, but it has a bottle opener on the other side. Plus it has a built-in magnet, for handy storage on the ol’ beer fridge. The lime bottle opener was sent to us by the inventor, Matt Moman, who had the unique design patented in the U.S. and Europe.

‘Let’s face it, when the world thinks of Corona Beer, they think lime,’ Moman says. ‘The lime serving ritual is key to the Corona consumer experience. It’s used everywhere!’ Moman says he hopes the lime opener will become the ‘must-have ritual bottle opener’ for Corona drinkers.

The lime bottle opener is currently only available online, but should be in retail stores this summer, Moman says.

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