Party-Smarter Substitutes

Party-Smarter Substitutes

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Party-Smarter Substitutes


By Cari Martens

Next to Thanksgiving, this coming Sunday (the day of what’s known as the “Big Game”) is the biggest eating day of the year, hands down. By the time the referee blows the whistle to end the game on February 1, Americans will have consumed more than 150 billion calories. That’s a lot of pizza, chicken wings and 7-layer bean dip.

Here are some party food ideas designed to keep the pigskin pig-out bash from ruining your recent New Year’s resolution to eat smarter in ’11. Men’s Health magazine editor Matt Bean has a game plan that’ll keep you from getting tackled for a big gain on our national gridiron feast day.

Here are some of Mr. Bean’s suggestions in his Eat This, Not That! article.

Stick with thin crust pizza, such as a Hawaiian pizza with pineapple topping, instead of a deep-dish pepperoni.

To cut the calories in half, slather buffalo sauce on chicken tenders instead of fried chicken wings.

Instead of cheese dip, dunk the chips in a tasty spinach-artichoke dip.

Rather than munch cookies and brownies throughout the game, save dessert for the fourth quarter. Bean suggests ice cream sundaes with a scoop of vanilla, hot fudge, walnuts and a cherry (only 250 calories).

For other eating smarter suggestions, read on.

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