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FoodWire, January 2010

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FoodWire, January 2010


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FoodWire by The Food Channel
Top Ten Trends for 2010

Food Channel KitchensThe Food Channel Top Ten Trends for 2010

Each year, The Food Channel peers into its crystal apple and narrows down its predicted food trends for the year ahead to a hot Top Ten. The forecast is based on research conducted by The Food Channel, in conjunction with CultureWaves® and the International Food Futurists®.

Here’s a further-abbreviated Cliff Notes version, counting down from Number 10.

10. I, Me, Mine.

It’s the rise of the individual. Expect more attention to the individual, but it’s not just about portion size—it’s also about food that reflects personality. With the decline of the economy, it’s more important than ever that you have a voice.

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9. Will Trade for Food.

What do we do in a bad economy when we have more time than money and skills that we still want to put to use? We barter. We predict that we’ll all see more of the barter system come into play now that technology can assist with the connections.

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8. I Want My Umami.

It’s as though once we realized that there could be a new taste sensation (thanks to the identification of umami, the savory taste found in meat, fish, vegetables and dairy) to join sweet, sour, salty and bitter, we opened our mind to see what else might be out there!

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7. Food with Benefits.

Expect food to either have nutrients added, or have the word “free” (gluten-free, allergy-free). Just last year we talked about “functional food,” which was really about adding ingredients to pump up the nutritional value. Before that, it was “fortified.” Next year we see this idea morphing into a grown-up version.

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6. Mainstreaming Sustainability.

Unlike a year ago, when we were somewhat afraid to use the word, now it flows trippingly off the tongue. In 2010 we’ll see people and companies becoming sustainable for authentic reasons; they are doing it to make a difference. After all, that’s what comes with understanding.

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To see the Top 5 trend predictions, and full-length descriptions of the entire list, please view the full article.


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