Pastry Chefs Getting Their Just Desserts

Pastry Chefs Getting Their Just Desserts

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Pastry Chefs Getting Their Just Desserts


By Cari Martens

Until recently, the only chefs getting the ink, the online page views and celebrity treatment were the guys and gals working the grills and the woks.

Now it’s the pastry chefs that have begun to elbow their way into the spotlight, according to Michelle Locke, writing for the Associated Press.

Bravo TV’s ‘Top Chef’ is spinning off a show called ‘Top Chef: Just Desserts,’ while TLC has ‘Cake Boss,’ and the Food Network offers up ‘Ace of Cakes,’ starring the irrepressible Duff Goldman.

‘Pastry chefs are the rising stars of the culinary world.’ Locke writes.

Quoted in her story is Peter Reinhart, baking instructor at Johnson & Wales University, one of America’s leading culinary schools. At JWU ‘we sell out our baking and pastry program faster than any other program, and that tells us a lot,’ Reinhart said.

Some say food bloggers have helped put sweets in the limelight, blogging about cupcakes, cookies, and macarons. Evidently a high percentage of web surfers enjoy indulging their sweet tooth vicariously. Books about baking, such as ‘Hello, Cupcake!’ and ‘What’s New Cupcake?’ by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson, help home bakers to hone their dessert-making skills and generate added interest in baking.

In the restaurant business, more pastry chefs have begun to earn accolades, while some others have decided to abandon the stress of the kitchen to open their own corner bake shops—and are doing quite well, thank you.

Just like a cake in the oven, the stock of the pastry chefs is rising.

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