PepsiCo Develops 'Designer Salt' to Reduce Sodium in Chips and Other Products

PepsiCo Develops 'Designer Salt' to Reduce Sodium in Chips and Other Products

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PepsiCo Develops 'Designer Salt' to Reduce Sodium in Chips and Other Products



By Cari Martens

A pilot manufacturing plant in Plano, Texas, will soon be producing a secret new ingredient intended to make Lay’s Potato Chips a not-as-salty snack.

The ‘secret’ ingredient is PepsiCo’s new ‘designer salt,’ which is made of crystals that are shaped and sized in a way that cuts down on the amount of sodium people consume when snacking on the chips.

According to a story by Betsy McKay, writing for the Wall Street Journal, PepsiCo is targeting a 25 percent sodium reduction in its Lays Classic potato chips, but is still studying and testing the powdery salt substance with consumers. It may be able to reduce sodium even further in more seasoned items such as Lay’s Sour Cream & Onion flavored potato chips. It could also be used in other products such as Cheetos and Quaker bars.

Eating too much salt, as most of us know, can contribute to hypertension and heart disease. Most Americans consume about twice the amount of sodium that they need and there is mounting pressure on U.S. food companies to step up efforts to lower the amount of sodium in their products. New York and other cities and health organizations are demanding that manufacturers and restaurants reduce sodium in their products in the coming months and years. First Lady Michelle Obama is among those pressing food companies to cut fat, salt and sugar in their products.

PepsiCo has set a goal to cut sodium in its salty snacks by 25 percent across the board by the year 2015. The company plans to gradually remove salt, using salt substitutes or grinding salt into small particles that contact the tongue in more places.

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