Rules for Eating Out With Foodies

Rules for Eating Out With Foodies

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Rules for Eating Out With Foodies


The Food Channel crew has rules we strictly adhere to when we go out to eat.

#1: No one orders the same thing.

#2: We order from all categories, meaning we get at least one appetizer and one dessert to share along with our entrees.

#3: No one takes a bite until the photo is taken.

I shared those rules with the crowd at COEX (the annual Chain Operators Exchange, sponsored by the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association) recently, and was rewarded by many people telling me they also follow those rules, whether they are with family, co-workers or dinner groups. Seems foodies love trying new foods.

And sometimes that can lead to problems.

You see, I also shared with the group that when my family has the inability to decide where to go to eat, we have a fall back location. Taco Bell. In fact, I can describe their Mexican Pizza just as clearly and with as much food passion as I can the best lobster dinner I’ve ever had.

And that’s when I heard this great story.

Tony De Paola, VP of Sales for IFMA, told me that his dinner group also waits until all the photos are snapped. Then he related this tale.

‘We had been meeting as a dinner group for years, when one of our members got married and introduced Judy to the group. Have you ever had someone who can’t decide what to order? And then, when it comes, looks at what someone else ordered and says, ‘Oh, I should have ordered that’?

Well, after about five years of this I told her that from now on she was going to order two things that appealed to her, and when they came, she could choose the one she wanted and I would take the other. We’ve been doing it that way for five years now, and everyone is happy.’

Great story, and it proves the point. Foodies are simply looking for the next interesting food experience.

Even if someone else orders it.

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