Silicon Valley Employee Recruiting Tool: Fabulous FREE Lunch

Silicon Valley Employee Recruiting Tool: Fabulous FREE Lunch

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Silicon Valley Employee Recruiting Tool: Fabulous FREE Lunch


By Cari Martens

People who work for Facebook in California’s Silicon Valley often put in long hours and work at a frenetic pace. But one thing they can look forward to each day: a high quality lunch at no charge.

Presiding over meals served in the Facebook cafeteria is executive chef and self-described ‘culinary overlord,’ Josef Desimore. As reported by Rori Gallagher for NPR, Desimore’s kitchen serves 1,300 lunches a day—more than many restaurants serve in a week.

Chef Desimore presiding over lunch at Facebook. (photo: Rori Gallagher)

Before coming to Facebook, Desimore worked for Google, where he discovered ‘it was all free-range, it was all organic.’ Chef Charlie Ayers had made a name for himself preparing lunch and dinner on the Google campus, and had set the culinary bar very high. Desimore kept the quality tradition going at Google, then, five years later, brought his skills and expertise to Facebook, where he started a culinary program from scratch.

‘We do a brand new menu every single day,’ Desimore told NPR’s Gallagher. ‘Every single meal period is from a different region of the world.’ On any given day the cuisine served may be Italian, Korean, Scandinavian, or Northern Indian. Variety is essential for Facebook staffers, says Desimore. Employees come to Facebook from all over the world and he likes to give them occasional tastes of what they’re used to from their home countries.

Great food has proven to be an excellent tool for recruiting top quality talent in Silicon Valley. It’s worked for Google, and now it’s helping to lure high-caliber people to Facebook.

The dot-com bubble may have burst a few years back, but at least the food’s still top notch.

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