'Skin Superfoods' Yield a Glow That Tops a Summer Tan

'Skin Superfoods' Yield a Glow That Tops a Summer Tan

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'Skin Superfoods' Yield a Glow That Tops a Summer Tan


By Cari Martens

Summer’s here, and lots of people will be soaking up the sun or baking in tanning beds, trying to get a glowing tan to go with their skimpy swim wear, despite the warnings of dermatologists.

There’s a better way to get a natural glow, and there’s new research to back it up.

The secret to a golden, healthy complexion can be found in a diet that’s rich in fruits and vegetables. Within a month, scientists say, you’ll be able to see how a five-a-day diet can enhance the color of pale skin.

Researchers say they also found that people preferred the healthy color of skin created by eating plenty of fruits and veggies to the suntanned look.

Ian Stephen of Bristol University, UK, who led the research team, told David Derbyshire of the Daily Mail Online ‘We have produced evidence that dietary intake of fruits and vegetables affects skin color. We found people always preferred the golden effect from diet to the darker effect from the sun,’ Stephen said.

Stephen believes carotenoids—the pigments found in plants—are the ingredients that produce the attractive glow.

Volunteers for the study were put on a diet of five fruits and vegetables every day for a least a month. Photos of them before and after were shown to strangers and rated for attractiveness. The ‘after’ faces were consistently ranked higher.

The scientists suggested this information could be used to promote the five-a-day campaign. ‘Most people don’t know the effect of diet on skin tone,’ said Professor David Perret of St. Andrews University. ‘We were very surprised by these results ourselves.’

Superfoods for Skin

Fruits and vegetables believed to be some of the best ‘skin superfoods’ include:
â‹… Carrots
â‹… Apricots
â‹… Canteloupe
â‹… Peaches
â‹… Spinach
â‹… Kale
â‹… Chinese Cabbage
â‹… Tomatoes
â‹… Peppers
â‹… Grapefruit
â‹… Plums
â‹… Romaine Lettuce

So get out of the sun and eat a peach, and some carrots, and an apricot…

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