Sweet on Bacon (Continued)

Sweet on Bacon (Continued)

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Sweet on Bacon (Continued)


By Cari Martens

Bacon was probably one of the most oft-mentioned words in those ‘Trends of the Decade’ lists that came out as 2009 came to a close It made our top ten of the decade list.

Bacon-Chocolate Crunch Bar

As we approach the midway point of 2010, it appears bacon’s not going away anytime soon. The latest area where the salty pork product is making inroads: desserts. And, yes, we noted this trend last year, but we found some really intriguing desserts you might want to try, so we’re going to go to that well one more time.

George Clooney Suggests Bacon & Chocolate Prank

TIME magazine humor columnist Joel Stein talked about how he served George Clooney a chocolate bacon bar for dessert when the actor came over for dinner. Stein says Clooney suggested serving it to vegans without telling them the source of the candy’s salty sweetness. Punked!

Stein then provides five bacon-for-dessert recipes from some of the top chefs in the country, including Bacon Brioche Bread Pudding and Maple Syrup Pudding with Bacon. You can find them here.

HubPages.com called bacon “the new candy” and offered a roundup of recipes, too, including Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies with maple cinnamon glaze, Bacon Pumpkin Pie, Bacon Toffee, and Bacon Baklava.

And here are two more we found at “easydessertrecipesblog.com”: http://www.easydessertrecipesblog.com/easy-dessert-recipes/easy-dessert-recipes-made-with-bacon.

I wonder what Jamie Oliver thinks about our fascination with bacon-y desserts. Whatever. I think I’ll have a bacon-chocolate bar and wash it down with some strawberry milk.

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