The Anti-Valentines

The Anti-Valentines

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The Anti-Valentines


Valentine’s Day is the perfect time tell someone how you feel, right? It’s a great day for proposals, weddings, and all the romance that goes with such happy occasions.

Or not.

For some, Valentine’s Day has just a bit of an edge to it. It may be that you just broke up with that no-longer-so-special someone. Or perhaps he’s just not that into you.

For the not-so-lucky-in-love, chocolate can usually take away the edge. Now, fresh from the Candy House, you can celebrate with the anti-valentine. It’s a big chocolate lollipop with endearments such as ‘Bite Me’ and “I Luv U Not” and “Not a Chance.”

And, of course they come on a stick. In case you want to tell someone what they can do with it.


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