The Mug That Stirs the Drink

The Mug That Stirs the Drink

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The Mug That Stirs the Drink


By Cari Martens

Do you take your coffee with cream and sugar? Or maybe just a little Sweet’n’Low? What about your tea—do you like to stir in some honey to sweeten it?

All that stirring is such a pain, am I right, people? Well, the fine folks at ThinkGreek suggest you ditch the spoon and swizzle sticks and get yourself a self-stirring coffee mug. After all, who wants to wash a spoon that’s merely been employed to stir in a little sugar or half-and-half? Or to condemn another plastic stir stick to an eternity in the landfill?

The handsome Self-Stirring Mug has a handsome stainless steel finish and a spinning plastic disk at the bottom ‘that frappes your drink into a whirling blended maelstrom of deliciousness’ as the ThinkGreek people say. It just needs two AAA batteries inserted into the base and you’re all set. To clean it, just pour in soap and water and press a button.

Makes a lovely gift at just $18.99. I mean, everybody needs one of these, right?

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