Welcome to Beyond the Plate: Disposables

Welcome to Beyond the Plate: Disposables

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Welcome to Beyond the Plate: Disposables


This is where foodies at home and away from home will find the latest information about new tastes, new products, marketplace trends and just plain enjoyment of food. Here’s where you’ll get tips that will help you become the most knowledgeable person out there when it comes to food, because we know that serving people great food goes Beyond the Plate. Check back here for new articles and subjects in the days and months to come.

This quarter we are presenting ‘disposables (take out, catering, recycling and sustainable disposable products).’ That means we’ll be talking about products that are environmentally safe, things to consider in your entertaining lifestyle, the products that can make it all easier and more. We do these themes from time to time to help the food professional, as part of the Idea & Resource Center sponsored on these pages by www.beyondtheplate.com, as well as to help the consumer.

We start with giving you a look at Take Out Trends. We offer you the latest thinking on packaging as well as what to put in that packaging! In fact, we offer a great recipe book online that features menu items that lend themselves to take out. You’ll find new ideas that might revitalize the old standby’s when it comes to food-to-go. You can find the recipe book link in the Resource section of this site or by clicking here.

We talk about how The Food Industry is Going Green it out and see if your business measures up, or if there are some ideas you can either use or share.

We all know that sustainability is crucial. Start by reading up on the trends and some of the evidence from the past year. Key findings include the idea that we’ll see more bamboo and biodegradable, and that ‘nude food’ will become part of our vocabulary to describe food that is more transparent, with less packaging.

Of course, sustainability extends to the food itself, as well. Eating locally grown products that are seasonal and fresh will be recognized as a sustainable way to eat.

We will offer you some recycling tips, including the latest in ‘green’ products and services for restaurants. Our goal is for you to find the latest insights and innovations in disposables, so we’ll be bringing you a lot more. Come back regularly!

You will still be able to go back and see other feature or topics, so check in the Resource section to link back to the Seafood Feature, which also has a feature on sustainability in seafood, found by clicking here.

We want to hear from you, too. Be sure to leave your comments and suggestions. We assure you that a real person reads them and will respond.

This is part of our Beyond the Plate series. View the complete series at: http://www.beyondtheplate.com.

For comments, questions or more information, please contact info@beyondtheplate.com


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