Uncomplicating Life with Pain Au Chocolat

Uncomplicating Life with Pain Au Chocolat

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Uncomplicating Life with Pain Au Chocolat


I rarely get a relaxed Sunday morning. It’s not that I don’t like going to church—I do. It’s just that the rush of getting out the door means that leisurely coffee over the comics is something seen only in movies. Not to mention the fact that I usually start the day at my computer, and find it hard to walk away.

So today was kind of special, since we’re out of town and have turned the usual schedule on its ear. When we found Companion Bakery, it got even better.

The signage said they had been voted Best Bread in St. Louis, and named Top 10 places to get Artisan Bread by USA TODAY. Good enough for me to walk on in.

The menu is fun, with items such as, “Best Darn Toast in St. Louis,” for just $1.75. They also offer Specialty Baked Eggs, which a number of people were happily tucking into, and a Granola & Yogurt Parfait.

But it’s the breads and pastries that are the draw, whether you are there for breakfast or for lunch.

If you do go for lunch, have fun choosing from some deliciously-written descriptions.

The To Be or Not To Be, for example, is “a delicious tossed chicken caesar salad—diced chicken, bacon, red onions, lettuce and parmesan—stuffed into our crusty house made Parisen.”

The Crisp Fall Day is “roasted turkey, brie, arugula and apple butter perfectly browned on our tangy New York Rye.”

Or the Ebony & Ivory is “Barry Callebaut semi-sweet chocolate, creamy brie and fresh basil grilled on our Rustic bread.”

Me, I’ve been craving a chocolate croissant ever since I saw Meryl Streep make them for Steve Martin in It’s Complicated. And there they were in the bakery case, labeled Pain Au Chocolat. Right alongside chocolate chip scones, and something called a Mo Mo Bun, made from their brioche.

So, I got my coffee, my pastry, and my paper. And in the process, life got a little less complicated.


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