U.S. Foodservice Offers Operators Ideas on Healthy Menuing

U.S. Foodservice Offers Operators Ideas on Healthy Menuing

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U.S. Foodservice Offers Operators Ideas on Healthy Menuing



U.S. Foodservice is helping its restaurant operator customers combine fresh seasonal produce with the latest trends in healthy eating to make this spring a season of business growth. Restaurant operators can visit foodsightâ„¢ (www.usfoodsight.com) and Beyond the Plateâ„¢ (www.beyondtheplate.com) to learn new ways to incorporate fresh, seasonal produce into their menu items through articles, recipes, interactive resources, and a chat room to connect with peers and consumers.

‘Consumers and chefs love using produce in season—it’s more flavorful and economical. We work with suppliers to procure the best and freshest items in season, and monitor our supply chain from farm to final delivery to ensure the safety of all the produce we sell,’ said Pat Mulhern, president, Monarch Food Group, a division of U.S. Foodservice. ‘The foodsightâ„¢ and Beyond the Plateâ„¢ Web sites provide foodservice professionals with the information they need to maximize the menu potential of all their produce.’

Foodsight features information, including:

  • How to to Freshen Up Your Salads for More Sales: Operators get the skinny on smart and savvy produce applications, to keep salad offerings fresh and flavorful.
  • How to Create Better Burgers that Buck the Recession : Lettuces, veggies and even grilled fruits add panache and punch to burgers, boosting the profile and profit potential of America’s favorite menu classic.
  • How Operators everywhere are putting a fresh spin on produce: Three restaurant operators share their ‘best practices’ on how to use Cross Valley Farms® fresh produce to create innovative, healthy menu offerings. A profile of the Towne Tavern in Ft. Mill, SC, shows how this popular local restaurant has built its name and business around its signature salads.
  • Additional Products and Information: Latest market news, business tools and product info from Monarch® exclusive brands, plus monthly rebates to help with back of the house (BOH) cost controls.

Beyond the Plate is the U.S. Foodservice sponsored online, interactive resource center where foodies and professionals can learn about and discuss new products, marketplace trends and the art and enjoyment of good food. Visitors can look for the latest recipes and view ‘how to prepare’ videos.

Visitors can read news on fruit beverages, how to get kids to eat more vegetables, and learn more about everything from super foods, to the growing interest in Mediterranean foods, creating vegan and vegetarian menus, to identifying and choosing fresh produce in season. There is also a special ‘Ask the Chef’ feature where visitors can get answers to their questions. The highlight this quarter will be the Top 10 Healthy Eating Trends.

For more information, healthy menu options or the latest foodservice trends, visit http://www.usfoodsight.com and http://www.beyondtheplate.com .


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