Waiting All Year for Peaches

Waiting All Year for Peaches

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Waiting All Year for Peaches


When someone says, ‘This is the one we wait all year for,’ well, you just have to try it, right?

So even though we had already ordered our favorite biscotti from the Missouri Baking Company in St. Louis, we added one of the fresh peach coffeecakes, available only when peaches are in season.

It’s word of mouth marketing at it’s finest—that personal recommendation from a satisfied customer.

And, when you stand in line at a bakery, there are plenty of people willing to share their favorites. It’s how we learned about the glories of the pineapple pastry, and the tortellini cookies, and the myriad other confections we have tried over the years.

The peach coffeecake didn’t disappoint. It had the rich flavor that can only come from that succulent fruit combined with the maximum amount of butter and sugar!

Which is why after one thin slice each, we packed it up and sent it into my husband’s office for his co-workers to enjoy.

But, since it’s National Peach Month, there may be a few other delicacies yet to try. Check out our story found by clicking here.

Don’t wait until next year to enjoy!


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