Welcome to Beyond the Plate Spring Feature: Let's Hear it for Fresh Produce!

Welcome to Beyond the Plate Spring Feature: Let's Hear it for Fresh Produce!

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Welcome to Beyond the Plate Spring Feature: Let's Hear it for Fresh Produce!


Beyond the Plate is where food professionals and foodies at home will find the latest information about new tastes, new products, marketplace trends and just plain enjoyment of food. We know that serving people great food goes Beyond the Plate, so from April to June, we’re taking a look at produce ‘from farm to fork’—who’s growing it, who’s serving it, who’s eating it and why.

Taking a fresh approach

Getting more produce into one’s diet may take many forms: from eating more salads to using a greater variety of lettuces, tomatoes and other greens, to adding gourmet toppings to sandwiches and burgers, even to adopting a vegetarian, vegan or Mediterranean-style diet.

Check out our Top 10 Healthy Eating Trends in mid-April to see what’s in the news, what’s on the horizon and what will soon be on plates everywhere.

Produce is popping up on more restaurant menus and on more consumers’ shopping lists as consumers increasingly realize that healthy living starts with healthier eating. Quick-service restaurants best known for on-the-fly burgers and fries are turning to salads to add variety to their menus. Some emerging restaurant chains are focusing on center-of-the-plate salad menu offerings. And others are incorporating more good-for-you veggies into their kids’ meals.

There’s more to produce than lettuce and tomatoes. Fruits, in everything from entrée garnishes to smoothies, provide a delicious way to get vitamins and antioxidants into one’s daily routine. And whatever the items, more chefs and consumers are choosing to get their greens at local farmers markets. It’s a way to support local farmers who practice sustainable growing methods and get fresh vegetables and fruits in season, when they are at their peak of flavor.

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