Whether Dining Out or Dining In: Seafood Serves Up Health Benefits

Whether Dining Out or Dining In: Seafood Serves Up Health Benefits

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Whether Dining Out or Dining In: Seafood Serves Up Health Benefits


By Sara Lucero

Whether it is a commercial fishing vessel off the Southern coast, mud boots and a bucket full of clams in the East, a hole in the ice up North, a crab pot lying in wait out West, Dad sitting in a little boat on the lake down the road or you and your family sitting down at a seafood restaurant… somewhere, someone is about to enjoy some kind of seafood.

Baked, broiled, steamed, barbecued, skewered, sautéed, however Grandma used to make it, when you enjoy seafood 2-3 times per week you are also enjoying a wide range of health benefits . Studies show that those that regularly eat seafood (most especially the fattier fish such as salmon, rainbow trout and sardines) overall have an approximately 17% lower mortality rate.  More specifically, these individuals have:

  • Significantly lower risk of heart disease and stroke through improved cholesterol, reduced inflammation and lower risk of blood clots
  • Improved brain function, including memory
  • Reduced risk of several mental health disorders, including depression and anxiety
  • Healthier vision and brain development in infants whose mothers consume the recommended amount of seafood while pregnant and nursing 

What does this mean for you?  If you aren’t already including it in your diet, seafood is a great addition. Talk to friends and family, even the person behind the seafood counter at the store, to get ideas on how to prepare and serve seafood in ways that fit your tastes and lifestyle, or search online resources for recipes and reviews from others. Would you rather treat yourself and dine out?  Visit HealthyDiningFinder.com  to find Healthy Dining-approved menu items from restaurants spanning fast to fine dining, coast to coast.

Some examples from HealthyDiningFinder.com:

Concerned about the safety of some seafood?  Those in the know agree that the benefits far outweigh any risk, find more facts and recommendations here.  Already enjoying seafood on a regular basis?  Let us know which restaurants dish up your favorites. E-mail Sara@HealthyDiningFinder. Find us on Facebook.

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