Young People Wonder: Who's Colonel Sanders?

Young People Wonder: Who's Colonel Sanders?

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Young People Wonder: Who's Colonel Sanders?



While the majority of Baby Boomers know who Colonel Sanders is, it appears that the the majority of their kids don’t. What’s KFC going to about it?

As Bruce Horovitz writes in his article for USAToday, our cultural connection to Colonel Sanders seems to have been lost in the deep-fryer of time.

Colonel Harland Sanders, the goateed founder of KFC known for his white suits, string ties and “finger-lickin’ good” punch line, would have turned 120 years old today.

But young adults don’t know him from beans. More than six in 10 Americans ages 18 to 25 — the chain’s key demographic — couldn’t identify him in the KFC logo, according to a survey last week by the chain.

Worse, five in 10 believe he’s a made-up icon and three in 10 haven’t a clue who he was.

That’s why KFC is taking action. Today, the world’s largest chicken chain, with 15,000 outlets in 109 countries, unleashes an online PR blitz aimed at bringing the Facebook generation eye-to-eye with the venerable colonel.

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