12 Days of Foodie Gifts: Day 8

12 Days of Foodie Gifts: Day 8

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12 Days of Foodie Gifts: Day 8


On the 8th Day of Giving: Here’s today’s great gift idea to help you express your best wishes for the food lover in your life! 

Go ahead, buy some restaurant certificates. Think about the lifestyle of your gift recipient first—students who are traveling home for the holidays may appreciate some fast food stops along the way, for example. Babysitters and mailmen may enjoy special treats, like gift certificates to a frozen custard or gelato stand. Parents who are hard to shop for might enjoy a variety of restaurant certificates that will help them remember your generosity all year long.

Give the certificates creatively, if you want, by packaging a fine dining certificate with a set of candles and placemats and a note that says, “Eat in or eat out—your choice!”

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