Wonderful Pistachios Hop on Angry Birds Bandwagon

Wonderful Pistachios Hop on Angry Birds Bandwagon

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Wonderful Pistachios Hop on Angry Birds Bandwagon


Wonderful Pistachios hopes to cash in on the continuing popularity of the Angry Birds video games, launching an online version of the game, called Hunt for the Golden Pistachio.

The nut company has teamed with Angry Birds developer Rovio for TV ads, too (you can view them on YouTube). It’s the first fully branded Angry Birds game, and requires a Chrome browser.

The game functions much like the standard Angry Birds game, except the birds are used to crack open pistachio nuts, in addition to destroying pigs.

The free game’s first two levels, set amid pistachio trees, can be played without logging in. If you successfully make it past those two, you have the option of logging in via Facebook, or creating a user name.

When you reach this point, you can start competing for prizes such as a whopping 10,000 bags of—you guessed it—Wonderful Pistachios. Other prizes include Angry Birds plush toys. Top prize is $25,000.

Would-be contestants can also find “Get Crackin’” game codes on specially-marked packages of Wonderful Pistachios, sold in supermarkets and mass merchandisers.

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