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It’s not often that someone tells you that breakfast was a “spiritual experience.” But when they do, you listen. That’s how we at The Food Channel heard about the Breakfast Klub in Midtown Houston. Here’s the story:

The restaurant opens at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. When we arrived about 8:45 there was a line already forming. On most Sunday’s you’ll have a one hour wait and the line goes around the block.

We were greeted outside by Mary, who explained how everything works, including where to get our silverware. One of our party remarked to Mary that we were skipping church, but this was like going to church because we were greeted with a hug, and they were playing gospel music. Mary smiled and said, “Hallelujah.”   

It was a spiritual experience to eat the Belgian waffles and Wings. Yes, fried chicken wings. Upon my request, they put pecans in my waffle, and brought hot syrup.  Another one of us had catfish and grits–a little spicy for some tastes, perhaps, but perfect for my taste buds. Others at our table had French toast, eggs, and bacon.  They offered a variety of different coffees that ranged from mild to strong.  

On Sundays they close the parking lot in front of the Klub and set up tables and chairs for overflow.  We chose to eat outside, though it was a little cool. Fun was had by all and definitely a place we would want to take family and friends.

–Excerpted from information submitted by Dr. Daryl Eldridge

We share this since it fits well with our current Breakfast Trends. If you have a great breakfast restaurant experience you’d like to share, send it to us at


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