Experience a Sensory Garden

Experience a Sensory Garden

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Experience a Sensory Garden


Picture yourself in a garden where melons, apples, lemons, pears and gardenias are in full bloom. Then imagine holding all that in a glass–specifically a wine glass. That’s the idea behind wine sensory gardens, currently springing up in wineries in California and other wine growing regions. These sensory garden showcase plants commonly smelled and tasted in wine.

As reported on FoxNews.com, that is exactly what the Kendall-Jackson is offering to visitors of its wineries. You can stroll through the cabernet/merlot wine garden there and experience black currant and black cherry, or unexpectedly an oregano or bell pepper, which are also notable in other red wines.

According to Matthew Lowe, a chef at Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates, they refer to it as the “scratch and sniff” garden.  Because the idea is to correlate the scent of a flower or the zing of a berry with what is tasted in the wines. The winery encourages visitors to bring a blueberry or a strip of bell pepper into the tasting room and correlate it with the wine you’re sipping. 

The vintners suggest this is not something for only large wine estates. Even hobby gardeners can create their own sensory gardens.  As Katrina Frey of Frey Vineyards can attest, gardening is a form of relaxation for wine growers, but also has some benefits in that it helps with the natural control of pests. 

Whether you go with a chromatic feel, red garden or white, all the plants and aromatics will have to depend on individual climates.  So with just a little research and a touch of spring fever, why not plant something with a little “Sensory Appeal”™ Because we here at Culturewaves® believe “When you add a new sensation, it all seems new”™. Targeting the senses with new textures, colors, tastes and sounds…I’ll drink to that!

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