Broasted Chicken at the Silver Dollar Chuckwagon

Broasted Chicken at the Silver Dollar Chuckwagon

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Broasted Chicken at the Silver Dollar Chuckwagon


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Ever heard the term “broasted” chicken? It’s a trademarked term that you don’t find too often—unless you happen to be heading from Arizona to California along Route 66 and decide to stop at the Silver Dollar Chuckwagon in Topock, AZ. If you’re hungry, there are not a lot of other choices unless things are open in nearby Oatman.

At the Silver Dollar, breakfast is served all day, but so is the broasted menu—and it’s the true chicken experience. It’s coated and then flash fried so that it’s unusually crisp outside and moist inside.

This is a restaurant with an eclectic personality. It caters to the locals who just want to get out on a weekend night; it caters to the traveler. So on the one hand you can get your chicken fried chicken or steak, or a Mexican dish, or a burger. On the more exotic side, you can get adult hot chocolate (yes, adult as in alcoholic) in flavors such as Cookies and Cream (with amaretto and cinnamon schnapps and milk) or Cowboy (with chilled coffee and Kahlua).

If you want something simple with your hot chocolate, go for the Grilled Cheese Supreme with cheddar, Swiss, and a tomato.

There is seating outside and a bar inside, or choose a table or booth. There are also friendly people in this out-of-the-way place, ready to welcome you as you come down from the windy Oatman Road along Route 66.

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