Burger King Sends Creepy King into Exile

Burger King Sends Creepy King into Exile

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Burger King Sends Creepy King into Exile


Say “so long” to the creepy cartoonish King mascot that has been so prominent in Burger King advertising in recent years. He’s headed for an extended and indefinite vacation.

As reported by Elaine Walker in the Miami Herald, the Miami, Fla.-based burger chain is undergoing an extreme makeover. BK will not only sport a new look in its advertising, it is also revamping its menu and restaurant décor.

The new menu will focus on healthier choices, including things like Asian chicken salad and mango smoothies. Some analysts have commented that the changes seem to show that Burger King is trying to be more like its rival, McDonald’s.

But don’t worry, Whopper enthusiasts, that signature burger is not going away.

The overhaul is an effort by the new owners of the world’s second-largest burger chain to get BK back on track after years of sliding sales, profits and market share. Burger King’s new owners, 3G Capital, took things over last October, and has not yet been able to halt the sales slump. The chain reported a loss of nearly $7 million for the most recent quarter ending March 31.

Burger King’s recent laser-like focus on young, meat-loving males is history. The chain will instead aim to show that there’s something for everyone on the menu—even for health-conscious women who may have been turned off by the creepy King character and BK’s carnivorous marketing approach.

Not that Burger King is abandoning beef. Menu items currently in test include a new premium home-style burger on a brioche bun with thick-cut bacon, romaine lettuce, and a spicy new pepper grill sauce.

Quoted in Walker’s article, Jonathan Muhtar, vice president of global innovation was surprisingly candid about BK’s recent history. “As we develop new products we’re focusing on best in class and quality,” he said. “In the past there were compromises made with our food for ease of operation and to take costs out of the product. Food quality and taste has to come first. Consumers come to Burger King because we’ve traditionally stood out for having great tasting food.’’

And don’t look for the King character to appear anytime soon.

I don’t know. I think I might actually miss that scary-looking King sneaking into people’s bedrooms and running across football fields.

On second thought, no, I won’t.

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