Can You Bake Banana Cake on a Gas Grill?

Can You Bake Banana Cake on a Gas Grill?

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Can You Bake Banana Cake on a Gas Grill?


Q: Is it possible to make a banana cake/bread on a gas grill?

A: You can bake a cake or banana bread on a grill just about as well as you can in the oven—but you need to keep a couple things in mind.

Number one: you won’t have the kind of temperature control on a grill as you would with an oven, so use an oven thermometer or good grill thermometer to monitor the temperature. If the heat gets too high, prop the lid open a little bit to allow some heat to escape.

Number two: If you are grilling the cake at the same time you’re grilling other things, you should cover your cake (or banana bread) in foil until you remove the other foods so those won’t splatter onto your dessert.

We recommend that you use a good cast iron baking pan for this type of grill-baking.

Good luck!


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