Chew on These Angry Birds

Chew on These Angry Birds

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Chew on These Angry Birds


Need a snack while taking aim at those pesky green blobs (OK, pigs), enemies of those unhappy birds? Healthy Food Brands has introduced a new Angry Birds™ Fruit Snacks and Gummies product, based on the popular Internet and mobile game.
The new snacks feature a variety of characters from the gaming app which has achieved more than 100 million downloads.
In Angry Birds, players use a slingshot to control a flock of multi-colored birds that are attempting to retrieve eggs that have been taken by a group of evil green pigs. On each level, the pigs are sheltered by structures made of various materials such as wood, ice and stone, and the objective of the game is to eliminate all the pigs in the level.
Angry Birds Fruit Snacks are made with fruit juice, are fat-, nut- and gluten-free, and are available in cherry, lemon, raspberry, apple, grape and strawberry flavors.


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