Trend Watch: Chicago Bar Offers Sleepover Option

Trend Watch: Chicago Bar Offers Sleepover Option

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Trend Watch: Chicago Bar Offers Sleepover Option


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When you’ve had a few too many, there’s always the option of calling a cab, or counting on your friend, the designated driver. Now there’s a trendy Chicago restaurant/bar that offers you a third option: a sleepover.

This isn’t just any old bar & grill we’re talking about. This is Longman & Eagle, a Michelin-starred establishment that’s been named “one of the best bars in America” by Esquire magazine, and “best new restaurant” by the Chicago Reader.

The second floor of the gastropub has recently converted to a six-room inn. As described by website, it’s aimed at “hipsters,” designed and filled with unique furnishings, which you can see from photos on the site.

Here’s how the Longman & Eagle puts it on their website: “Longman & Eagle has six rooms available for overnight stay, casual yet considered offerings that seasoned travelers will appreciate when looking to immerse and initiate themselves within the fabric of a bustling, vibrant urban enclave. Our rooms vary in both price and proportion, but aesthetics, comfort and function are manifest throughout.”

Sounds classy, no?

We’ll have to keep watch to see if this idea catches on and develops into a full-fledged trend. But it’s nice to know there’s a bar you go to where, if you should overindulge, you can sleep it off without ever leaving the building.

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