The Chicken Potpie is Now Fashionable

The Chicken Potpie is Now Fashionable

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The Chicken Potpie is Now Fashionable


I mean really, who doesn’t love a steamy, belly-filling bite of chicken-and-pastry goodness?  According to Bee-Shyuan Chang of The New York Times, even waif thin supermodels, fashionistas, and high-end designers find comfort in chicken potpie.  The fashion crowd has pushed this trend forward with postings on their blogs and twitter accounts of the amazing chicken potpies they have been served at various events. 

Even Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Mick Jagger’s been seen digging into a savory little pie at a recent fashion affair.

Chicken potpie, in our Culturewaves world, represents the ultimate in our Pacifiers™ wave.  Pacifiers™ are the things that soothe and comfort, life cushions that “Make the world go away.”™

Small pies were also one of The Food Channel’s top ten foods to watch for 2011. In fact it topped the list, so there you go.

Potpie is quick to prepare, consistent and versatile. We all need a little reassurance with all the havoc, problems and drama in the world and in our own lives.  So if a little bit of pastry and a bunch of warm protein and vegetables make us feel warm and fuzzy then I say ‘go for it’! Oh, and just a little bit of flour and butter…

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