Coconut Water – The New Miracle Drink?

Coconut Water – The New Miracle Drink?

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Coconut Water – The New Miracle Drink?


coconut waterBy J. Harness

Want to stay on-trend with the latest health-food kick? Then you need to slide the acai berry drinks over on the shelf to make room for coconut water. This natural product is quickly emerging as a popular trend in both the retail and foodservice markets. It’s gaining in popularity so quickly, in fact, that those in the foodservice industry will want to stay on top of the trend.

This hydrating liquid is harvested from young coconuts. It is clear in appearance and is clearly gaining popularity among foodies as a healthy alternative drink. Coconut water is now being labeled as nature’s miracle water because of the health benefits it offers. It is very low in calories, fat free and has no cholesterol.

Maybe something like ….more health benefits of this flavored water? are potassium and electrolytes that….Coconut water is also contains a lot of potassium and electrolytes. Electrolytes help hydrate a person while potassium fights all kinds of bad body attackers – like hangovers, for instance. What other drink helps cure those without a little hair of the dog?

Companies are catching on to the wave of thirst for coconut water. One of those companies, Vita Coco, is expected to double its sales of the drink amidst the newly-hyped coconut water craze. Nation’s Restaurant News reports that even the Hard Rock Café and other beverage-heavy businesses are soaking up the profit from coconut water by adding it as an ingredient in several cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks.

Big beverage players are riding the tropical coconut water wave, too, by putting their money where their consumers’ mouths are. Since more of the product is being marketed and sold in the grocery segment of the industry, cola bottling giants have invested in coconut water. PepsiCo has gotten on board with the coconut water craze, for instance, stating that the product is one of the fastest growing in the beverage category.

Coconuts follow the GreenHot trend, too. There is nothing from a coconut that cannot be used to produce something useful. Good for consumers, good for the environment – maybe it is actually the miracle fruit that just happens to provide miracle water.

Keep an eye on coconut water, and keep checking back for future updates on this and other trends you can use to benefit your business.


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