Media Messages Changing Face of Marketing and Advertising

Media Messages Changing Face of Marketing and Advertising

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Media Messages Changing Face of Marketing and Advertising


By J. Harness

There is something to be said for the emergence of marketing and advertising campaigns across social media platforms and the way foodservice is changing because of them. The technology-driven way people are receiving messages these days are proof that the Pop-Up Lifestyle™ is affecting business practices, and foodservice professionals are definitely part of this lifestyle wave.

Facebook and Twitter are just the beginning of social media outlets. Others are popping up every day, and consumers are responding. Psychology Today reports that tweens and teens today are exposed to a whopping total of 11 hours per day of screen media on average.  With all that media exposure, a message can get lost in the barrage of texts, emails and pop-up ads if it does not set itself apart from all others.

Industry messages must follow the trend, too. This means that unless campaigns are branching out to meet consumers where they are, the messages will be missed. If it doesn’t appear on their mobile devices or monitors, it is likely going to go unnoticed by a new generation of consumers who are constantly plugged in or portable.

Many platforms have emerged that allow foodservice messages to get in front of consumers. While some less tech-savvy people don’t know what it means to check in or be the mayor at a Four Square site, the up-and-coming big spenders do. If an establishment does not have a web presence where its customers can get a badge, or some other sort of reward, it may not be interactive enough to glean the attention of today’s digital shoppers.

Don’t miss the opportunity to let consumers buy into your message, either. Sites such as Groupon make it easy for you get your promotions or special offers right into the hands and Palms of each customer. There are powerful marketing and advertising opportunities available when the email database includes 50-million addresses. Digital is driving today’s consumer decisions.

The big advertisers recognize the importance of using social media platforms in their campaigns. Several of them are including calls to action requiring consumers to be digitally interactive with their brands in this year’s Super Bowl commercials. In what is being deemed the “Social Bowl” by some, advertisers are spending bundles to build consumer interest before the big game when they will run ads integrated with social media campaigns. Can you link to a story here? There is one in AdAge..

If your message is not in front them on a monitor or screen—better yet a mobile device, they may never notice it. Good luck getting them to follow your call to action if it’s not interactive. Customers are being bombarded by messages more than ever before because they are carrying message-delivering devices with them at all times. They interact with one another, as well as with businesses, electronically and by choice. Even Baby Boomers are plugged in these days. Foodservice industry messages will be missed if they are not aiming for a tech-savvy society.

Advertising is continually changing with the social media forum and other digital messages. The Food Channel PRO will continue to follow this and other trends to bring foodservice professionals updates regarding the new age of electronic media and how it affects their businesses.


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