Cooking Videos from a New Perspective

Cooking Videos from a New Perspective

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Cooking Videos from a New Perspective


First Person Cooking is a new video concept that lets you see a recipe come to life from a different perspective: yours.

Inspired by the technology behind first person shooters and other video game genres, First Person Cooking trades in the gun for a kitchen utensil, and lets the viewer feel like he or she is dicing the bell pepper or whipping the heavy cream.

“The eye is the best pupil,” says Brad Noble, one of the leaders of First Person Initiative, the team that developed the concept. “First Person Cooking is a tutorial that lets you learn by doing–vicariously–and seeing it all with your own eyes and from your own perspective, rather than watching someone on the other side of a table.” It’s a bit like that old Chinese saying, “the student becomes the teacher,” he says, because you visualize yourself executing the task.

It’s discovering, learning, and cooking from your point of view.

The Food Channel will be one of the first media outlets to feature First Person Cooking, beginning soon. So keep an eye out for that.

Here’s the “trailer” from First Person Cooking.


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