Creating Your Own Custom-Made Liqueur

Creating Your Own Custom-Made Liqueur

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Creating Your Own Custom-Made Liqueur


A company in the UK has now made it possible for consumers to create liqueurs blended to suit their own personal tastes. The firm, Alchemist Dreams, believes it is the first in the world to offer custom liqueurs, which are made with organic grain spirit.

Headed up by Ruth Ball, self-described as an “artist and activist with a scientist’s mind,” Alchemist Dreams blends each bottle by hand to order from an array of handcrafted flavors made in small batches.

It’s an opportunity for adventurous types to experiment in the ever-expanding field of mixology, simply by choosing ingredients on the company’s website. Blends start with a choice of one or more fruity base flavors, followed by adding several “accent” flavors, which can be herbs, spices or other subtler flavors.

Users also get to choose from seven different hand-blown bottle shapes and sizes for their liqueur. The bottle is adorned with a red ribbon and sealed with black wax. Finally, a personalized, hand-printed label is attached.

If you don’t want to go the custom route, you can also choose from a selection of house blends that change with the seasons. But really, why would you?

Alchemist Dreams liqueurs can be purchased through the company’s website, and are also available at various markets in the UK.

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