New Beer Targets Chicks

New Beer Targets Chicks

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New Beer Targets Chicks


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Beer has, forever it seems, been man’s domain. Marketed to and consumed by manly men. Guys who, if you go by the ads, watch football, travel in packs, and try to pick up chicks in bars, mostly unsuccessfully.

Enter stage left: Chick Beer. Not the first beer brand to target women, but perhaps the first to do so so overtly and shamelessly.

The packaging leaves no doubt that this brew aims to please the ladies. It’s all pretty in pink with a decidedly feminine font. The bottle is designed to resemble the beautiful shape of a woman in a little black dress.

What about the beer itself? It’s relatively low in calories at 97 per bottle, with 3.5 carbs. The product is a craft-brewed light beer brewed at America’s second oldest brewery in southern Wisconsin. The Chick website describes the taste as “soft, smooth and full bodied.”

Ain’t no man’s beer going to call its taste “soft.”

Can a beer aimed at women succeed in this male-dominated category? Well, according to the people behind Chick Beer, women drink 25 percent of the beer consumed in the U.S.—more than 700 million cases of the stuff. That’s a big niche, I guess. The brand also has a cause angle, with 5 percent of the profits going to charities that empower women. So that’s cool.

Today, however, Chick Beer is only available in Maryland. But the brand hopes to be in all 50 states as soon as possible.

Will female beer drinker opt for a girly beer aimed overtly at them, or choose instead a “real” beer that their male counterparts approve of? This marketing effort will be one to watch in the days ahead.

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