Daiya Vegan Cheese and the Pizza Miracle

Daiya Vegan Cheese and the Pizza Miracle

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Daiya Vegan Cheese and the Pizza Miracle


By Aarin Wilson

 A year ago, I had a life changing moment in a pizza restaurant. I was with my family, they were sharing a large pie, and I was stabbing my way through a salad. As they playfully squabbled over the last slice, and I crunched on a watery cucumber, I tried not to feel cheated. Years earlier, I had discovered that I was allergic to gluten, egg, and dairy. Pizza went from being one of my favorite foods to strictly off-limits. That day I decided that, for the sake of my food-lover’s sanity, I had to find a way to put pizza back on my plate.

The quest for the perfect slice of pizza can drive anyone crazy. We all find through trial and error our favorite places to grab a slice out, or recipes for homemade pies that we guard like national secrets. I spent months working on a recipe that tasted as good as the real thing. I came close, but one element always eluded me. Cheese. Everyone knows the ideal pizza is a combination of the perfect crust, sauce, toppings and cheese. Melty, gooey, stretchy, golden cheese.

Enter Daiya Mozzarella Style Shreds, and the sound of an angel chorus. Because I could swear that’s what I heard when I found my own personal pizza miracle. Daiya cheese packages boast the proud proclamation that it melts & stretches! Those two little words are a very big deal to any vegan-cheese-eater.

I kept my expectations in check when I put that pizza in the oven, wary of the disappointment that might follow. I was optimistic when I peered through my oven door and beheld the lovely sight of it melting and turning golden brown. I was pleasantly shocked as I took the first bite of my Daiya-covered pizza slice, and let loose a joyful whoop that I’m sure the neighbors heard. I gleefully devoured the entire pizza.

Now I use Daiya vegan cheeses in a number of recipes. Daiya is made without soy, dairy casein or lactose, gluten, or egg. It is made with plant based ingredients and has no artificial ingredients or preservatives, so it’s healthy, low calorie, and it still tastes better than other vegan cheeses. Oh, and it melts and stretches.

Did I mention that?


This is an independent testimonial; no compensation has been received from Daiya.


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