The Pull of the Mother Road

The Pull of the Mother Road

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The Pull of the Mother Road


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This is one of a full series of articles about interesting food locations along Route 66. See “related articles” below for the stories that have been released so far.

We still have more of Route 66 to go. We made it from Springfield into California, but have held the Chicago to Springfield, and the Needles to Santa Monica routes for another saga.

Interestingly enough, while working on this series, I had reason to go to Los Angeles on business. An associate in L.A. suggested we have dinner at Ivy at the Shore. We arrived in a hurry and turned our cars over to valet, scurrying into the restaurant. Once inside, we had a lovely meal and good conversation, then walked outside to say our goodbyes.

And there it was. Right in front of me. The Santa Monica Pier. Here I was, at the end of Route 66 without even planning for it.

Of course I drove down as far as possible onto the Pier, reveling in the clomp, clomp of the plank boards and the neon of the welcoming arch.

And, I made a promise. I’ll be back. It’s the pull of the Mother Road, for those who have absorbed her lore and enjoyed her history.

I’ll be back.


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