Domino's Posts Customer Feedback on the Big Screen in Times Square

Domino's Posts Customer Feedback on the Big Screen in Times Square

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Domino's Posts Customer Feedback on the Big Screen in Times Square


You’ve probably seen the TV spots or heard the Domino’s radio commercials that feature focus group participants commenting on the quality of the chain’s pizza, saying things such as “their crust is like cardboard.”

Domino’s of course followed up by telling us that they had improved their product from the crust up. This Phase Two of the “Oh Yes We Did” again solicited feedback from customers. Phone numbers were provided and  phone and online feedback was welcomed.

The campaign has now been given one more prominent outlet for people to vent or praise the quality of Domino’s new revamped pizzas. The company is now posting comments from customers on a giant 125-foot-wide electronic billboard in New York’s Times Square.

The comments come via a new customer feedback feature in Domino’s Tracker, an area within the brand’s site that allows customers to track the progress of their online delivery orders. The comments will be vetted to remove offensive or inappropriate content, but Domino’s insists it will post “many” consumers’ comments, whether “good, bad or neutral.”

Quoted in a story by Karlene Lukovitz for the trade publication MarketingDaily, Domino’s president/CEO Patrick Doyle said, “Our customers deserve, and have come to expect, honesty from us … and it really doesn’t get more open and honest than this. Our hope is that most of the feedback is positive, but our top priority is that people are seeing what is real.”

Consumers who order pizza online and use the Tracker feedback function can get their photos and comments posted on the 4,630-square-foot billboard. In addition, Domino’s will send those whose comments make it to the big board a link to a video clip of their feedback as it ran in Times Square.

The billboard messages will be posted through August 23.

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