Easing Into Easter Dinner

Easing Into Easter Dinner

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Easing Into Easter Dinner


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Talk about pressure.

It was Jody’s first year as a newlywed, and she had invited her new in-laws over for Easter dinner.

It had just happened, somehow. One moment they were talking about their favorite holidays and the different foods they fixed, and the next moment she was telling her mother-in-law about her favorite ham and they were having fun imagining the side dishes to go with it. Without her even thinking it through, Jody found herself saying, “Why don’t you come over to our place for Easter dinner?”

Next thing she knew, she had committed herself to fixing the ham and dessert, while her mother-in-law offered to bring the salad and side dishes. Even worse, Easter dinner meant that the extended family would be coming—so she would have to feed eight people, all new relatives who, she felt, might be watching her closely! Fitting them all into their small apartment was one thing. Feeding them was another.

So, Jody turned to the one source she knew would help her out. After all, she’d grown up learning from this source, drooling over the beautiful photos, reading the interesting stories, watching the instructional videos, and learning more about cooking…

…The Food Channel.

She found a recipe for Easter Ham that was so simple, it almost didn’t qualify for a recipe. Heat it up, pour on the glaze of brown sugar, honey and sorghum and serve. She could pull that off. She found that on the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse page.

She knew early spring was a good time to find fresh asparagus and found a recipe for Asparagus with Chopped Eggs that gave her a way to use up some of the leftover Easter eggs from the morning’s hunt.

She found a recipe for Walnut Oil Vinaigrette that was simple, too. She could pass that one along to her mother-in-law.

Jody’s mom suggested she might want to offer a second main dish meat for the holiday meal and pointed out a recipe for Curry of Smoked Turkey that sounded delicious.

For dessert, Jody decided on an Easter Pound Cake that starts out with a prepared pound cake that could be dressed up and made holiday-special with the addition of fresh raspberries and a few other ingredients.

Best of all she could order many of the ingredients for her Easter spread from The Food Channel Store.


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