To Eat Less, Use Bigger Fork

To Eat Less, Use Bigger Fork

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To Eat Less, Use Bigger Fork


Want to shed a few pounds? The answer might be as simple as changing the fork you use.

A new study concludes that people who use a larger fork tend to eat less during a meal. The research was conducted at a popular Italian restaurant in the Southwestern U.S., according to a report on

Two sets of forks were used to vary the bite size. The larger size fork held about 20 percent more food than the fork usually used in the restaurant, while the smaller fork held about the same percentage less than the usual utensil. The study was conducted over two lunches and two dinners.

Researchers found that the big fork users at less food. The restaurant diners said the small fork gave them “a feeling that they are not making much progress” toward satisfying their hunger, so they ate more of the food on their plate than the large fork users.

“Given people’s busy lives and the growing trend of eating in restaurants…consuming from a larger fork may actually be more helpful in controlling overconsumption,” the researchers concluded.

Well, it sounds like a rather small sample size to me, and the researchers were unable to repeat the results in a lab setting, so we’re not sure this is the best way to curb our appetite.

Then again, it might be worth a try. We’ve got some rather large forks at home that came with our silverware set. I’ve avoided using them because they just seemed a bit unwieldy. But, hey, I may just see if this ploy might work for me. What have I got to lose…other than perhaps a couple pounds? I’ll let you know if it works.

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