A Few of My Favorite Tools

A Few of My Favorite Tools

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A Few of My Favorite Tools


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Maybe it was because my daughter was stocking her newlywed kitchen, but I started thinking about the many kitchen gadgets and tools I have. Which ones do I really use? I suppose it’s the kitchen version of “what would you take with you to the desert island?” game.

So, I started a pile. When I used an implement, I began setting it on top of my kitchen bureau instead of putting it away. Several weeks later, I have a pile of used tools, and a lot of forlorn implements left in the drawers.

What I learned, after walking back and forth to retrieve them from the bureau countless times, is that I use my kitchen shears more than anything else. Funny, for a girl raised before kitchen shears were even known as a standard kitchen tool. For years, I used an actual pair of scissors, before investing fairly recently in a pair. Believe me, there is a difference.

I also found that the new high temperature silicone spatulas and spoons are the ones I gravitate to. It’s not just because I bought them in a beautiful bright red; it’s because they are well-balanced and work with hot or cold just as easily. Truly versatile and durable, as a kitchen tool should be. And I love my fun battery-operated can opener that just attaches and eats away at the lid. I like both of these types of tools so much, I’ve begun buying them for gifts.

Then, there is the flat whisk that I purchased after a cooking class, enamored with the way it cut through gravy. Oh, yeah, it’s pretty cool. And my pastry brush, also in the new silicone. Obviously, I’m rich in kitchen tools. My desert island better have a lot of drawer space.

I’m putting the pile away today, and trying to clear out a few older, unused implements in the process.

Anyone need a rubber spatula?


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